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Get KasouSekaiCamera HUD

Teleport by next SlUrl. And get HUD in there.


vendors vendor

Also, you can get HUD in marketplace.


Check preferences

sound and media

KasouSekaiCamera HUD display html on prim. Confirm Preferences > Sound & Media > "Allow Media to auto-play" is checked.

debugsetting1 debugsetting2

Secondlife viewer display only four media by default. Push Ctrl+Alt+D to show advanced menu. And go to Advanced > Show Debug Settings. "PluginInstanceLow" and "PluginInstanceTotal" are set 10, then all comments will be displayed. Take full responsibility for this setting.

Learn how to operate

KasouSekaiCamera HUD is attached to top of display.

post Leave a comment on your present location.
expand Browse comments around you.
guide Display help page.

Each comment windows also have operation buttons.

max Maximize comment window.
min Unmaximize comment window.

You can teleport to commented place by lower right link.